Splitting Up Together

Based on a Danish series of the same name, “Splitting Up Together” examined the life of Lena and Martin, a couple whose marriage was reignited by their divorce.  Starring Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson, the show ran for two seasons on ABC.


A half-hour comedy described as “My Fair Lady, for the digital age.”  Karen Gillan starred as Eliza Dooley, an “Instafamous” influencer with a huge social media following.  Eliza was frequently “friended” but found she had no real friends to speak of.  John Cho’s Henry, a marketing guru at her office, agreed to help re-brand Eliza and teach her about forging connections IRL.  In the process, the two fall in love.  Selfie, with its cult following, ran for one season on ABC.


When single dad George Altman, played by Jeremy Sisto, relocates his teenage daughter Tessa, Jane Levy, to the suburbs, they are ill-prepared for the culture shock that follows.  Featuring an all-star ensemble of suburbanites, Suburgatory co-starred Cheryl Hines, Ana Gasteyer, Alan Tudyk, Chris Parnell, Carly Chaiken, Parker Young, Allie Grant and Rex Lee.  Suburgatory ran for 3 seasons on ABC.

As Told By Ginger

Garnering three primetime Emmy® nominations, “As Told By Ginger” chronicled the life of Ginger Foutley, daughter to a single mom, played by Lorraine Newman.  Ginger was a middle school outsider who dreamed of fitting in.  Along with her best friends Dodie, Macie and Darren, Ginger navigated the vicious world of Junior High and braved resident mean girl Courtney Gripling.  A coming of age story that did not shy away from real world issues, As Told By Ginger was the first of its kind.  The show ran for 3 seasons on Nickelodeon.